Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celtic Beauty - Spey Style

I thought it would be fun to tie up a Spey-styled Celtic Beauty.  I dyed all the feathers:  Deep Green for the Whiting American Rooster Cape wings and Claret for the body (blue eared pheasant) and front (ringneck pheasant) hackles.  The rear body is Uni's Bright Yellow floss; the front body is golden SLF dubbing.  Rib is oval gold Lagartun and the hook is a Daiichi 2059, size 3.

I couldn't resist playing with one of the "special effects" thingies in Picasa if you're wondering why the photo is foggy!

I'm looking forward to see how she goes in July up on the Miramichi!

                                                                    Click on the pic!


  1. oh yeah Gary, thats a beauty. I love the color combo. well done.

  2. Beautiful fly, Gary. You have been busy with your dye. Great job and thanks for sharing the recipe of your favorite fly.


  3. LOVE this!!
    I've got Cindy ordering the materials!! ;)
    26 days!!

    Happy fishing Gary!!