Sunday, October 9, 2011

When New Friends Get Together

You can just tell when you've met a kindred spirit.  I frequent the Spey Pages forum, and have learned a lot, particularly about fly tying and materials dyeing I've met, electronically, some interesting folks.  On Friday, I finally got to meet and fish with a fellow I've corresponded with over the past year.  John lives in Montreal and of course, I live in southern Vermont.  He invited me up to fish with him for landlocked salmon on a river he visits often.

It was a beautiful Friday, lots of sun - not always the best weather for fishing - but winter's coming, enjoy it while we can!  John suggested using my Deep Green Beauty, and it was moving fish and making them roll, but no hookups. 

We were fishing a pool where you can see the fish come to the surface quite clearly; John watched for fish while I cast.  After rolling several fish, he said, "Quick, put on something with some color and flash!"   So I reeled in and tied this on, my take on the Mickey Finn:

I cover the hook shank with silver mylar, then create the body out of natural pearl E-Z body braid.  The wing is that lovely translucent polar bear.

Well, on the second cast (I flubbed the first one), it was fish on!  The fish didn't realize it was hooked for a few moments, but when she did, she was quite the acrobat.   It pays to know the river and its fish, and John certainly does!  Note that #2 Mickey Finn (click on the pic once to enlarge, click again to supersize)!

John also landed a fish, and we rolled a bunch more.  AND I got some great tutoring from him on two-handed casting, using my switch rod.  All told, it was a great day.  I had a blast, and I don't think John minded lugging me around...I'm easily old enough to be his father (ugh.).

Earlier this year, I also got to fish with  "forum friend" Rob up on the Miramichi...I think another good time was had by all.  And that's what I think fly fishing forums should/could/wish they would be all about: making new friends and learning new things.  I know I do!


  1. Nice trip.... look at the gut on that salmon, lots of smelt.
    Mickey Finn, good bucktail.

  2. Thanks for sharing a great trip. Nice flies too.