Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Three for the Atlantic Salmon Museum

The Atlantic Salmon Museum's annual Hall of Fame dinner and fundraiser is September 22, 2018, starting around 4:30pm at the Doaktown, New Brunswick, Curling Club.  I'm happy to report that they've invited me back as the evening's auctioneer; it's always a great crowd and a lot of fun doing the auction.

As a member of the Museum's board of directors, I try to do my part when it comes to raising those all-important operating funds.  To that end, I put together three shadow boxes; one for the live auction and two for the silent auction.

The silent auction framings both feature Atlantic salmon and salmon flies.  The first contains a limited edition print by Joe Tomelleri of a Miramichi salmon that he personally landed and five feather wing flies tied by yours truly.  Hunter green and burgundy acid-free double matting in a cherry frame from my shop:

The second silent auction framing includes an open edition giclee print of an Atlantic salmon, and five of my hair and feather wing flies.  Acid free navy blue/burgundy double matting in a cherry frame, again from my shop.

The live auction framing is number 6/10 of my "Wheatley and Wets" framing.  It features a photo of my old Wheatley box, filled with the wet flies I'm most partial to, and includes one each of the eleven flies in the photo.  Hunter green/burgundy acid-free double matting in a cherry frame from my shop.

IMPORTANTLY - If one of these shadow box framings catches your eye, and you'd like to bid on it but can't make the dinner, you can place a bid with Karen or Daphne at the Museum at 506-365-7787.  They are available Monday-Saturday 9 to 5, and Sunday noon 'til 5.  You will need to give them a credit card number which will only be used if you are the winning bidder!  You will be charged for shipping in addition to your bid.

The Atlantic Salmon Museum is a treasure in the heart of New Brunswick...I hope you'll support it, too!



  1. Sweet Gary, will have to make a phone call!

    Woodcock opens shortly! Hope you two are ready!

    1. Make that call, Rich! Brodie and I will be ready when we get back from New Brunswick first week of October!

  2. Beautiful work Gary and very Generous towards Salmon Conservation!

    1. Thanks, Jerome! I know you support salmon conservation with your work, too!