Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Shrimp Pattern for Atlantic Salmon

The Beauty Series continues with this new shrimp pattern that I look forward to trying out on the Miramichi this September.  It shares the color scheme of my Deep Green Beauty and the Celtic Beauty, essentially a bright yellow body, a deep green tail, and claret hackling.  Those two flies were successful beyond my dreams, so this shrimp pattern seems a logical extension of the color concept (click on pic to enlarge, click again to fill your screen with fly):

TAG:                             Oval gold tinsel to suit hook size
RIB:                              Same as tag
BODY:                          Uni Bright Yellow floss
CENTER HACKLE:   Claret cock saddle
WING:                          Deep Green hair of your choice, a few wisps of Peacock Angel Hair
                                       and 2 strands of pearl midge flash
FRONT HACKLE:      Claret cock saddle
EYES:                           Jungle cock
HEAD:                          Black

For quick reference, here's the shrimp's antecedents:

The Deep Green Beauty:

which begat the Celtic Beauty:

which begat all these Beauties:

And just for good measure, lots o' shrimps, ready for September!

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