Monday, August 29, 2011

Salmon Fly Hooks...or when is a 10 an 8?

With, as usual, too much time on my hands, I began looking at my boxes...and boxes...and boxes of up-eye salmon fly hooks.  I'm tying small shrimps particularly at the moment, in anticipation of my September trip to the Miramichi, and was struck by the variance in actual hook size among manufacturers for the same numbered hook.   I thought this little photo might be instructive to some as they cast about (great pun, eh?) for the appropriate size hook for the fly they're tying.  Tomorrow when I'm bored some more, I'll see  how the larger sizes compare among manufacturers and report back.  Click on the pic to get the big picture.

And when is a #7 a #4?

And finally, my stash of #3 through #2/0's.  New York State Salmon River fisherman might be happy to note that all of these hooks appear to fall within the one-half inch maximum hook gape for flies used on that river.  And again, the grid is 1/4" squares, and you can click, then click again, to supersize the pic:


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