Sunday, March 13, 2011

Following The River's Course

Fishing for atlantic salmon and trout, and hunting ruffed grouse and woodcock are endeavors that have added immeasurably to the quality of my life...and if you're reading this blog, I hope yours too.  I look forward to sharing thoughts and images of time spent afield, at the tying bench and with very good friends.  Please do note that you may not copy the images or statements made on this Blog without my express written permission.  Thanks for understanding and respecting.

Something for the coming autumn on atlantic salmon rivers, my tie of Emmett Johnson's version of the General Practitioner:

The Pattern:
      Tag: Small flat gold tinsel
      Tail: Orange polar bear, 2 strands of pearl crystal flash and 1 strand
             of pearl flashabou
       Rib: Small flat gold tinsel with an orange rooster saddle hackle
              palmered from tag to the head of the fly.
       Body: Orange seal dubbing
       Underwing: Golden pheasant tippet clipped in a V shape to extend to the
                          bend of the hook.
       Wing: Red golden pheasant breast feathers (3) tied as a roof.
       Head: Red

Waiting for Autumn: