Friday, February 8, 2019

Fulsher, Krom and Warren framed.

I have been fortunate that Charlie Krom, the late Keith Fulsher as well as the late Bob Warren have gifted many a fly to me.  I've been doing quite a few shadow box frames for various salmon-related fundraisers the last couple years with my own flies in them, but decided I needed to do one for the camp Bridget and I will be building up on the Miramichi.   Enter Fulsher, Krom and Warren (you can click on the pic for a bigger photo):

When it suits the framing, I like to use a heavy, textured artist's watercolor paper to mount the flies on (that paper is then mounted on standard mat board).   It goes through my printer just fine, enabling me to add appropriate text to the this case, the tyer's names.   Some of the texture can be seen in this photo:

I used one of Joe Tomelleri's limited edition Atlantic salmon prints as the art in the framing.  Seems appropriate since the salmon was drawn from life of a salmon Joe landed on the Miramichi.  I milled the frame from a backyard cherry tree.

Looks pretty nice on a white wall...looking forward to seeing it on a knotty pine wall in our camp-to-be on the Miramichi!