Saturday, December 10, 2011

Celtic Beauty...Doubles Destined for the Dee

A fellow from the SalmonFishingForum requested some Celtic Beauties, tied on double hooks, for his trips next year to the Dee as well as to the Findhorn.  Sizes 8 to 14, please.  Yikes!  I've never tied on doubles before and they took a little getting used to.  Half way through the first fly I felt like I needed to install a blood gutter below my vise!  And cut thread much???  However, after about the third fly (good thing I started with the 8's first) I got things under control and quit stabbing myself and cutting the thread on the rear hook every third wrap.

Doubles are hard to find over here.  Only my friend Wally would have a stash, though, that included everything I needed down to the #14.  His fly tying materials closet is a bottomless pit!  Also bought a few Daiichi 7130's; they have a longer shank than the Partridge Double Wilson's Wally had.  Daiichi is pretty proud of those hooks, apparently, at a cost of more than a dollar each!

 All told, a learning experience!  Click on the pic for a larger view.