Sunday, April 17, 2011

A couple for spring on the Miramichi

My fly box for Spring fishing on the Miramichi is my most colorful fly box of all:

These flies are the largest I fish on the Miramichi for the year, and easily the gaudiest!  Kelts (salmon that have wintered under the river's ice and are heading back to sea at ice out) are actively feeding at this time; other than perhaps the Blue Smelt, there is certainly no "matching the hatch" going on here!

A couple from the box:

Blue Smelt ( I found a photo of this fly on Miramichi outfitter and lodge Country Haven's website; it looked to good not to copy):

The Golden Eagle (a pretty traditional Miramichi Spring fly):

I look forward to reporting on my trip!

I just read Keith Wilson's Miramichi river report ( for today, April 18, 2011, and notice he mentioned that the Christmas Tree is the fly of the moment for his sports on the river, so I thought I'd add one to this post for you:

Here's hoping Christmas comes early for me in two weeks up in New Brunswick!

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