Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's true, might as well hang up all your rods and reels, put the waders away appropriately, and get settled back at the tying bench, because fishing season has been cancelled!!!

Oh, wait, that's right.  Just MY fishing season has been cancelled.  I have to have a core decompression done to my left hip while YOU guys are out there flailing the water to a froth.  Fine, be that way.  But send me pictures.  I'm out of commission until September.  No, no biggie...only had to cancel one week in Maine and three different weeks in New Brunswick.  I can handle it.  Not depressed.   Why, think of all the money I'll save!   And I'm happy to put my boat back in mothballs again.  Usually its all cold and uncomfortable when I do that.  Tomorrow its supposed to be a sunny 90 degree Vermont day; perfect day to put the boat away. 

Yup, you guys have fun out there and don't worry one little bit about me.  I'll just be sitting here taking percocet and surfing the fishing forums.  Another perfect summer.


  1. That sucks Gary!!! I feel for you! Make the best of it and crank out some crazy flies for next season.

  2. Oh my good man.
    I hope the surgery gos well, what the hell, September fishing can be awesome.

    Take care and if you need a small stream fix, or a look at a streamer, punch my blog.


  3. I'll be enjoying your blogs, guys and thanks for the good wishes!

  4. Sorry to hear this news Gary. Hope your recovery is swift. I'll try not to worry about you on the stream this weekend... ;-)

  5. LOL, hook one for me, Chris!

  6. I was wondering why I suddenely see you back on Clark's. It's good to read your posts there. Hang in there, it'll all be over before you know it abnd the salmon will still be there for you.

    Aaron (recane1)