Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Celtic Beauty - a new atlantic salmon fly proves its worth

Yesterday (July 8, 2011) was a very satisfying day for me.  My good friends Renate and Dan Bullock, principals and guides at Bullock's Lodge (formerly Tuckaway Cabins) called at noontime to let me know that fourteen salmon had been hooked that morning on the fly I developed earlier this year. They are located right on the Miramichi in Boiestown, New Brunswick.

An earlier post on this blog, "Converting a featherwing streamer to a hairwing salmon fly" documents the process of developing this fly.  Since I can't fish this summer, I sent Renate a batch of the fly, and she's been passing them out to her sports as the opportunity arose.  I guess yesterday the stars all lined up, and the fly did its thing.  It hooked two more fish last night.

The Celtic Beauty (click to enlarge, click again to really enlarge):

The recipe:
Tag:        Gold oval tinsel to suit hook size
Butt:       Dubbed black beaver underfur
Body:      Uni Bright Yellow floss
Rib:         Gold oval tinsel
Throat:   Hareline UV minnow belly flash under claret hen
Wing:      Dark green flash under deep green hair of choice (mine is Polar Bear)
Head:      Black

I named this fly for its rich Celtic colors, and for its roots in Carrie Stevens' Green Beauty streamer.

My thanks to Renate and Dan for getting this fly in the water in their pools!


  1. Those are some impressive hook up rates.
    The fly looks uncomplicated, perhaps that's why it's so successful.

    Nice fly

  2. Thanks, Brk Trt, I'm a fan of simple, for sure!

  3. Excellent Wee Beastie Gary!