Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Small Summer Bug for Small Summer Streams - Step by Step

This little fly, which I figure I derived some years ago from the Letort Cricket, is a small wonder, especially on small streams and creeks.  Brook trout, rainbows and browns all love it; it fairly dances on the surface, enticing them up from their holding spots for quick, delightful grabs.  It's easy to tie, and takes just a few materials.   It doesn't have a name...it's just a little green bug (click on the pics to supersize them - two clicks will fill your screen with fly!):

The materials list is short and its all olive.  I'm sure it would work in other colors, I've just never tied it other than olive.  If it ain't broke...

Thread: Olive thread du jour
Tail:      Olive bucktail
Body:    Olive whatever dubbing you got that floats
Wing:    Olive mottled turkey
Head:    Olive elk or deer (as fine as you can find)
Hook:   Mustad 94840 #10 (or whatever dry fly hook you like...as long as its small)

1.  Wrap the hook shank with thread:

2.  Tie in the bucktail, well, tail:

3.  Trim the bucktail tail:

4.  Form a dubbing loop and spin the dubbing (I stole some crochet hooks from my mother years ago for this purpose.  They work great.  Or you can spend 25 bucks for some widget that does all the work for you.)

5.  Wrap the body:

6.  Tie in the wing and trim to look cool:

7.  Spin the elk/deer/whoever head (hint hint: use two small batches and pack them together for a neat little head):

8.  Trim the head (another hint: steal somebody's good little scissors from their makeup bag for this job):

Now I strongly suggest, after tying a few of these up, that you hit the nearest cool little creek you know of and have a ball with 'em.   Lemme know how you do.


  1. It has the look of something that should be eatin.

  2. It really is a fun fly to fish!

  3. Nice fly! That one just looks too dang buggy to not wanna give her a try!!
    Good job.