Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gordon Griffiths Floss...just call me the Flossman!

I'm happy to announce that I've cornered the market for Gordon Griffiths SuperGlo Floss in the known universe.  Or North America, anyway, and its for sale, you betcha.

SuperGlo floss is absolutely electric stuff.  There are 5 colors:  Flourescent Orange, Green, Yellow (really more of a chartreuse), pink and red. Click on the pic to supersize, click again to REALLY supersize:

This floss is a 2-strand floss that is easily divided for smaller flies or smoother bodies.  It makes an absolute knockout butt on flies like the Black Bear Green Butt or Bob Warren's Cutty Sark.

I'm selling these in packs of five for $12.50, first class mail included, to the U.S.  We'll have to figure out shipping to other countries on a case by case basis.  You can mix and match colors; take one of each or all five in one color.  That's up to you.  We'll just sell these via paypal; email me at to get my paypal account number.  Thanks!

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