Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Beauty

Trying to work myself up for a more festive season and throwing the crutches out the window, I sat down at the vise and came up with my holiday (I'm getting so Politically Correct in my old age) fly, The Holiday Beauty:


  1. If you would of tied the fly on a silver hook you would of been able to call it silver bells.
    Nice fly Gary, hope your feeling better.


  2. Hey Gar' how's the hip? Is the beard hackle tips, PB, or bucktail? I'm guessing PB as it's gone translucent in the flash.


  3. Bill, the hip is coming along pretty well. Done with the pain meds which is great. On the fly, the wing is PB with a little flash under, the beard is actually some UV minnow flash under white hen.

  4. Ok I just had one of those DUH Bill momments! I tilted the screen just a hair and could see the contrast way better!