Saturday, March 12, 2016

Updated Size 10 salmon hook comparison chart

Well, with nothing better to do (not) on a beautiful early Spring morning here in southern Vermont, I decided to update my size 10 hook comparison chart.  There's a couple new hooks in the stable, a result of my searches to replace the lamented loss of the Tiemco 7999 (stupid Tiemco), which I thought I'd bring to your tying bench.

This go 'round, I've included prices, either from where I bought the hooks, or from quick Google searches.  My winner (by just the slim margin of a finer return eye) to replace the 7999 is the Akita AK305.  I prefer a heavy size 10; I've just had too much good luck with it not to stick with it.  An example of its staying power is the Celtic Beauty tied on it with which Bridget hooked 7 salmon a couple Septembers ago:

I've broken down the price per hook.  It's eye opening.  Good thing I like the Akita and Maruto more than any of the Partridges (which I suppose are OK if you're on the Partridge Pro Staff and get them for free or at a discount) because they are priced WAY above my paygrade (Prices are U.S. dollars; foreign shipping for some of the hooks increases the cost per hook somewhat dramatically - not taken into consideration here):

 Akita A305:                           29 cents/hook
Maruto M30:                          19   "          "
Tiemco 7999:                          good luck
Partridge M2:                         80 cents/hook
Partridge single Wilson:         51   "         "
Partridge Bartleet Supreme:   70   "         "
Mustad  SL53 UBL                28   "         "
Daiichi 2421                           38   "         "
Partridge CS42 Bomber         28   "         "

Missing from the chart this time (where'd they go?) is the Gaelic Supreme hook.  Sixty cents a pop.

Where can you buy the Akita and Maruto hooks?  Not telling.  But easy enough Google.

So...the chart.  Hope it's helpful. (click on it to make it bigger)



  1. I wish I had stocked up while I was in the UK 26 years ago. Partridge hooks were about 5 pounds per hundred - 10 cents a hook in real money. But i was getting mustads for 3 cents and Tiemco for 4 cts. i bought salmon flies for 1 pounds each or about 2 dollars

  2. oh my, the good old days, hook-wise, are sure gone, eh, Gregg?

  3. A new and improved Tanner Chart! Nice!!

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    1. Poppy, hope its of some use to you. And I enjoy shopping your online store www.redshedflyshop ! Anyone that needs fly tying materials or spey equipment should definitely contact Poppy there!

  5. Thank you! I agree with the "stupid Tiemco" comment. I searched high and low for old stock TMC 700 down eyes. Found some, but they will only last so long. - Jess

    1. I'm sure the hook makers make their decisions based upon sales, but that sure doesn't help some of us supposedly "special interest" types. Like Partridge discontinuing the Ken Baker streamer hook,etc.