Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Montana State Oral History Project

I'm pleased and proud to have participated in Montana State University's (Bozeman) Oral History Project.  From MSU's website, an overview of their complete project:

The MSU Trout and Salmonid Collection is part of an overall effort to create the world’s largest and most comprehensive research center for all information related to the study of these valuable and sought after species. Our efforts are three pronged and include our print collection which holds over 12,000 titles; our Archival Collection which includes the papers of angling luminaries like Bud Lilly, George Grant, and John Gierach; and our Digital Collections which includes our Trout and Salmonid Artwork Digitization Project and our Angling Oral Histories project. Our physical collections are located on the 2nd floor of Renne Library and open from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Tours of the collection are available by contacting our Special Collections Librarian, James Thull, at

And concerning their oral history project specifically:

The Angling Oral Histories Project is the largest and most comprehensive effort ever undertaken to document the history of all things related to trout and salmonids. We are interviewing anglers, guides, authors, politicians, scientists, and other individuals who have been associated with or impacted trout and/or salmonids. The project has already captured many of the leading voices from the world of angling including Joan Wulff, Bob Jacklin, Tom Alkire, Lefty Kreh, and AD Maddox.

I hope you'll enjoy the oral histories, found here:

We continue to lose the pioneers of our sport on a daily basis.  I, for one, am thrilled that MSU is conducting this project.   The actual videos of individuals are very well done; you can see the question being asked on the right side of the screen; you can even click back and forth among those questions to skip or re-hear a question.  The project leader, James Thull, is doing an outstanding job; he tailors his questions to the individual he is interviewing.  You can tell he does that because he asks guys like Leigh Perkins what famous people he's fished, not so much, lol.

Cheers, Gary


  1. I at least mentioned you as a great fly tier! ;-)

    Everyone should take a peek!


    1. And I took that as high praise coming from you, Rich!

  2. Gary,
    I just watch your section of oral history and while I started salmon fishing a bit before you did, I think we are kindred soals. One point in your talk, there are great whites in the north. I got to see one up close while in Cape Breton a few years ago.
    Bruce Handley

  3. That must have been quite a sight, Bruce! There is another shark that may be a salmon predator as well...can't remember its name. Would be great to fish together sometime!

  4. Great post, project looks interesting and adventurous as well. Thank you for sharing details with us and keep posting further about it