Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Miramichi Salmon Camp - Spring 2017

Bridget, Brodie and I headed up to Boiestown, NB on April 28, 2017 for the Miramichi Salmon Association's IceBreaker fundraiser and a little Spring fishing.  We arrived to see plenty of water and the remnants of winter (click on the pics for a larger photo):

Brodie was especially glad to stretch his legs after the long Vermont winter, and left no sparrow unpointed!

The MSA IceBreaker was, as it always is, a fun, crowded event.  I was quite surprised and pleased to see the program:

There is a subtle pleasure for me to this:  After a 20 year career working for conservation and fly fishing in the United States, I was recognized as an "honouree"...pretty neat that there's a "u" in that word.  Many thanks to all my Canadian friends!  The MSA gave me a beautiful Wheatley fly box with a few flies from my old friends Renate Bullock and Vin Swazey in it:

Renate said she just couldn't resist tossing the Green Machine's into the mix.  Funny Lady, lol.

The coolest gift came from Vin...a shadowbox framed bottle of Glenlivet:

Let's make that an alleged bottle of Glenlivet.  Upon closer inspection, a little scotch tape is evident at the cork.  You can always count on Vin!

I did the live auction that night; we raised about $8,000 for MSA programs with it.

Early the next week, Vin and I got to take Bridget out for her first Spring salmon fishing experience.  Weather cooperated, as did the river:  She hooked 2 grilse and 2 salmon, getting the grilse to the net but, alas, the salmon spanked her.

The good old Deep Green Beauty fooled all four fish.

There were, of course, the usual camp chores.  There is a reason I chose not to become a plumber in one of my past lives!

To all who stay in Vin's Pine Camp this summer...you owe me a beer!

We were enjoying our extended stay in camp.  The weather, as is its custom, didn't always cooperate for good fishing conditions.  On May 7th, there was some impressive lumber floating by:


Brodie does not care about the weather.  He enjoyed the freedom to roam the intervale to the fullest!

He has been known to bark up the wrong tree!

And the inevitable crash and burn:

We did get to enjoy a fine breakfast with some of our favorite folks in Boiestown - the Wilson's, the Prices and the Swazey's - at the Wilson's home on the river.  Vin noted that it was a monumental occasion...the first time in memory that the eight of us had gotten together...and there was no alcohol in sight!

It was a great, extended trip.  We were up for about two weeks.  Makes it hard to go home, but  we did, with a whole new warehouse of great memories.

Brodie says, "Cheers!"


  1. Looks like a great time!You always look healthier in Canada! ;-)

  2. What's that old Havilah Babcock quote.."My health is always better in October". Mine's always better in Canads!
    Glad you enjoyed it, Rich!

  3. Cappy Tanner~

    As always, a thoroughly enjoyable account.

    My favorite part, though, was your comment about never wanting to be a plumber. I found myself uttering those very same words earlier this spring. I guess it comes with being "handy" and wanting to know how things work...a gift and a curse!

    All the best,

    C. F.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the post, Steve. I particularly hate plumbing when it involves the final 4" pipe into the septic system!!

  5. Very pleasant post Gary, though I can't understand your disdain of the green machine... The thing looks buggy enough in the water to give one the creeps. Brad

    1. Funny thing about me and the Green Machine, Brad...I guess it's just that there are so many more beautiful flies that work that I like to fish those. Certainly, the GM is the most fished fly on the river, which must have something to do with its success. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the post!